Privacy Policy

Scope of the Policy 

En Vogue Medical Centre respects the privacy of its users and aims to protect it to the highest international standards. If you agree to use the website, you automatically agree to the collection and usage of your information detailed in the policy. This page will inform all website users of our policies revolving around collecting, using, and disclosing their personal information. We aim to provide all our users with the highest levels of data security. Kindly go through the below mentioned to understand how your information is collected and used. 

Information Collection and Use 

When you use any form on the website to enter your details or visit the clinic, you submit your contact information alongside your identification details. Processed upon taking your consent, the data is collected either from the website or when you visit the clinic in person. Your photos might be used to promote the services of En Vogue Medical Centre on its website or social media handles. You have the right to approve the usage of your photos for promotion and can subject it to specific conditions such as the image being clear or blurred. The information is not shared with any third parties for commercial purposes. 

Data transfer outside UAE

Your data will not be transferred out of UAE. If the case of any exception, your approval will be taken as a written agreement informing you of the whole ordeal. 

Security of your data 

En Vogue Medical Center aims to provide the highest levels of security to your data. However, it is important to remember that no single method is entirely secure, and data safety can’t be 100% guaranteed. Despite this, we intend to provide the highest data security possible.

Information Usage 

Your consent will always be taken prior to using your personal information. Kept alongside your personal records, the information is kept securely. If you wish to withdraw your information, you can contact us for the same, and it will have no impact on the services we provide you in the future. 

Sharing information with third parties 

Your information will not be shared for commercial purposes without your explicit consent. We will only use your data for the purpose that has been mentioned to you prior to the collection of the information. All information stored is in accordance with the law and is only kept for the duration necessary. 

Exercising your rights 

You have the right to know what information is stored, access it, correct the information, remove any non-medical information, as well as limit the usage of your data. In addition, you are allowed to modify or object to certain parts of your data stored.

Social Media 

En Vogue Medical Centre holds the right to maintain the integrity of its social media channels and remote content or comments as deemed fit. Those who violate the norms of the social media platforms or violate the privacy policy might be blocked from commenting or interacting with our social media handles. It is important for all users to be respectful of the community and comply with each platform’s different rules and regulations. 

Links to Other Sites 

Certain links to third-party sites might be included in the service provided. Once you click on any such links, you will be directed to their respective site. We recommend to go through the privacy policy of those websites with care as En Vogue Medical Centre doesn’t operate these. If you decide to make an online payment, a secure connection will carry you to the payment merchant. They will take the required steps to ensure data security and privacy and not further pass your payment details to anyone. 

Changes to this privacy policy 

You are advised to revisit this page to be aware of any changes that are made to this privacy policy. When amended, we will notify you about the changes made. The changes will be effective immediately after being published on the website. 

Google Analytics 

Our website uses the web analysis service of Google Inc. i.e. Google Analytics. It analyses your usage of the website by using cookies that are stored on your device. These cookies gather information including your IP address, time, place, and frequency of your visit. You have the right to adjust the settings on your browser to choose the type of cookies being installed or prevent them from being installed as per your wish. 

Google Tag Manager 

Google Tag Manager tracks and provides traffic and visitor behaviour analytics by tracking Google Analytics and Facebook Conversion Pixels. It is a tag management system used to manage HTML and JavaScript tags.

Facebook Conversion Pixels 

We use Facebook Conversion Pixels to keep track of the users’ behaviour after they interact with our Facebook advertisements to help analyse the effectiveness of different ads. We cannot access the personal data of individuals as whatever information is collected is presented anonymously. However, the data will be saved and processed by Facebook that can be utilised for their purpose according to Facebook’s privacy policy.

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