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Our Dentistry department boasts state-of-the-art technology and top-notch equipment, dedicated to providing high-quality dental care with a patient-centric approach. Adhering to the highest quality, hygiene, and safety standards, we deliver exceptional care to all our patients. In addition, our dentists ensure to tackle the dental issue at hand and help you maintain your overall dental health with a team of specialists and experts.

We provide a vast array of services to ensure that you walk out with a healthy, happy smile. Considered to be one of the best clinics in all of UAE, we take pride in serving all your dental needs. Our dentists are exceptionally skilled and trained in cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry and restorative dentistry. If you have an urgent dental need, you can book an appointment with our team of professionals and we will surely accommodate you on priority.


  • Consultation
  • Xray
  • Teeth cleaning (scaling and polishing)
  • Teeth whitening
  • Fluoride application
  • Gum bleaching
  • Jaw bleaching
  • Gummy smile correction
  • Scaling and root planning
  • Composite filling
  • Pit and fissure sealant
  • Root canal anterior
  • Root canal premolar
  • Root canal molar
  • Pulpotomy
  • Pulpectomy
  • Dentures
  • R.c retreatment
  • Post and core build up
  • Metal post
  • Ceramic post
  • Ceramic fillings inlay/onlay
  • Zirconia crown
  • Temporary crown
  • Recementation of crown
  • Pearl veneer
  • Veneer natural
  • Milk teeth extraction
  • Simple extraction
  • Surgical extraction
  • Night guard
  • Home bleaching
  • Bleaching tray
  • Invisalign
  • Biolase Dental
  • Gummy Smile Correction/jaw
  • Gum Bleaching/ Jaw
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Pain Therapy
  • Tmj Clinical Treatment
  • Removal Of Fibroma
  • Labial And Lingaul Frenectomy
  • Laser Curettage Gingivitis
  • Treatment Of Aphtous Ulcers
  • Treatment In Desinfect Rct
  • Veneers
  • Crown Lengthening
  • Implant Recovery
  • Treatment Of Pericoronitis
  • Free Consultation


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