Eyelash extensions are increasingly becoming a beauty staple in today’s date. Depending on the kind of look you want, you can either go for volume lashes that really take your beauty game up a notch, or go for a more natural look that resonates effortless beauty.

If you really want to add drama to your look, hybrid lashes or 4D lashes are perfect. At En Vogue, we use Nagaraku eyelashes which are perfect for adding that extra oomph to your daily look.

Caring for your lash extensions

Once you’re done with the procedure, remember to do the recommended aftercare so that you can get the best bang for your buck. Remember to not get your new eyelashes wet for at least 48 hours as water can reduce the glue and cause the bond to weaken are break. After the first 48 hours, wash your eyelashes gently on a regular basis. Brush them with a soft bristle brush every morning to keep them looking great and use distilled water to wash them.

Makeup and Oil based products

Avoid using mascara and waterproof makeup as it can soften the glue of your lash extensions. You mustn’t rub your eyes or use powder eyeshadow as it can build up and collect along the lash line. Don’t use oil-based products, instead go for water based products.

Things you mustn’t do after your procedure

Once you’re done getting the extensions, they are going to feel a little weird initially. Give yourself a few days to feel comfortable with the eyelash extensions and under no circumstance should you pick at them or try to remove them yourself. If you do so, you can damage your real lashes. Don’t use eyelash curlers as they can cause damage to your extensions. Try to sleep on your back and avoid sleeping on your stomach or side as you can crush your lashes by doing so.

Your eyelash extensions will generally last for about three to four weeks, but if you really take care of them and listen to the advice mentioned above they can also last you six to eight weeks. Remember to get your eyelash extensions done and removed professionally. At EnVogue, our expert professionals have years of training and experience and ensure you walk out with a smile on your face and the lashes of your dreams.