Finding the perfect haircare routine for your hair type is not an easy feat. The basics of a good haircare routine revolve around the foundations of wash, dry, and style. However, if you want to get the healthiest and thickest hair possible, you need to go a little beyond the basics and invest in quality hair care products

1. Determining your hair type
Your hair type goes beyond the texture of hair and includes factors such as density, elasticity, porosity, and diameter. To amount of hair you have is defined by density, and you can simply test it by pulling your hair to the side, if a lot of scalp is visible, you have less density. The elasticity of your hair determines how strong your hair are to adapt to different forms of styling.

To test the elasticity, try to snap a hair strand. If it immediately snaps, the elasticity is low. You can test the porosity of your hair by putting one strand of hair in a bowl of water. If the hair sinks, it has high porosity. You can test the diameter by taking a single strand of hair and feeling it between your fingers, if you barely feel it, your hair is fine whereas if it feels thick it is likely coarse. A professional can best determine your hair type, including the texture and recommend you products that are ideal for your hair as the seasons change.

2. Good Quality Hair Products

It is important to establish a consistent hair care routine so that your hair are in optimum health. Based on your hair type, do invest in an excellent quality shampoo and conditioner as it is the building block of a good routine. At EnVogue, our expert stylists have decades of experience under their belt and can recommend world-renowned products that you can conveniently get at our salon. EnVogue recommends Kérastase Densifique for revitalising hair and making them thicker and fuller. As the range incorporates Hyaluronic acid and Intra-Cyclane, it helps plump and hydrate the hair.

Use a microfibre towel to dry your hair and get a good quality hairdryer with adjustable heat. A paddle brush is excellent for all hair types, and you can also incorporate a heat protectant spray or cream if you style your hair frequently.

3. Washing your hair

Ideally, you shouldn’t be washing your hair more than thrice a week as it can dry your scalp and strip it off natural oils. If you have very oily hair, only then should be washing more than thrice a week. The  Spécifique range by Kérastase is perfect for those who are suffering issues such as scalp sensitivity, oily roots, dandruff, itchiness, and hairloss. After shampooing your hair, do condition your hair and try on a hair mask weekly. If you tend to get hairfall, EnVogue recommends ‘Stop and Grow’ by Hairdreams as it is a state-of-the-art anti-hair loss therapy. Available at our salon, their star product, the ‘PHT Elixir’ is a concentrated serum that is shown to work wonders for hair fall.

To determine a hair care routine that is perfect for your individual hair type, book an appointment or walk in at our premium salon in Double Tree by Hilton at Jumeirah Beach Residence. Our expert stylists will help you navigate the journey to shiny, beautiful, and luscious hair with the latest techniques, state-of-the-art technology, and world-renowned products.