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16 - 12 - 2015

New Year, New Home, New Beginnings

Updating your home for the new season

The New Year should always be anticipated with all the good things in life.  As cliché as it may sound, New Year does bring hope and happiness. And so we say, breathe in the positive vibes and breathe out all the negative feelings to live an optimistic life. A very appropriate quote we found is this, “Two things prevent us from happiness; living in the past and observing others.” If the past reminds us of pain and awful memories, then it’s time to forget. Move on. And if observing and copying others give us dissatisfaction, it’s time to celebrate our individuality.

Our home reflects who we are. If we dwell on the good and not on the bad, then it will definitely show in how our home looks and feels.

En Vogue Head of Design, Dina Soliman, says that she is always excited about the New Year. It always gives her an excuse to update her house, even if it is just a tiny modification. This, for her, is forgetting what lies behind, that was undesirable of course, and welcoming the more cheerful life that the new season carries along.

Here are Dina’s top 3 tips on how to update your home that would echo your personality and brighten up a new chapter of your life.


  1. Colour. As they say a dash of paint makes a big difference. Colour your wall according to how you feel. If you need a little help from the expert, Jotun’s wall trends for 2016 play around the variants of blue, green and white colours. Each pallete is supposed to match distinct styles. According to them, a blue wall provides a perfect backdrop for your Italian leather sofa and metallic accessories.jotun blueIf you are the type who love nature and your resolution this year is to live a calmer life, then painting your wall in the shade of green is a must. Accentuate with nature-inspired decors. This new look should give you a warm feeling of comfort and an overall Zen experience. If you keep on telling yourself to go back to basics because simplicity rules, now is the time to implement it. Paint it on your wall as a reminder. White in its purest form is the simplest of all. It’s amazing what white walls can do for your space.  It creates a clean and tidy feel in your interiors that is so needed in your new and orderly life. Textured walls are also popular should you want to have an art-inspired feature wall.
  2. Furniture. Customise your own according to your style, space and budget. If you want your personality to shine, this is the best way to show it. Be bold in what you want to do. Let your sofa shout out your name. Consider your favourite colour, preferred fabric, desired shape and finish. Everything is possible. Your home is a mirror image of your character. En Vogue can help you achieve this. We have recently launched the En Vogue EN VOGUE DESIGN Stav Side TablesDesign collection, which is fully customisable, inspirational and affordable. There are different styles available for you to modify from or simply design from scratch and let our pool of designers assist you with the technical specifications. The production and lead time is shorter than any other brands here in the region because of the local manufacturing. No furniture leaves the factory without the European quality control standard stamp on it so you can be assured of its high quality.
  1. Scent. A certain smell transports you back to a memory lane. But since you are starting anew, try something different. One of this season’s must-have in home fragrances is the Oriental Star by Lampe Berger. With Oriental Star, you will get a cocktail of opulent and luminous fragrance on zesty and radiant notes, fruity heart blends with the combination of patchouli and sweet notes. Apart from its perfume essence, patchouli has been used traditionally as a medicinal ingredient to treat scars, headaches, muscle spasms, anxiety and depression. Now, this is what we need to start a new beginning.Lampe Berger Oriental Star

For an optimum experience, make sure that you follow the unique perfume ritual using Lampe Berger’s catalytic lamp, an exclusive burner they have been perfecting over the years;

  • Fill the lamp (2/3 full) with your new fragrance, Oriental Star. Insert the burner into the lamp and replace the stopper. Allow the wick to soak for 20 minutes. Remove the stopper and light the burner. Wait for 2 minutes before gently blowing out the flame. Place the top on the burner and your Lampe Berger will start to diffuse the new fragrance that you long for your new home while purifying the air at the same time.

We yearn to achieve a more meaningful life every year. We sit, think and plan. But we all know that the only way to attain it is to do something about it. Let your 2016 be the start of a new and great beginnings.

Note: All of the products mentioned in this article are available at En Vogue. Visit the store on Jumeirah Beach Road to see more options.