Magazine / En Vogue launches bespoke collection on its first anniversary

EN VOGUE DESIGN Oslo L-shape Sofa

20 - 10 - 2015

En Vogue launches bespoke collection on its first anniversary

In the spirit of celebrating its first year anniversary, En Vogue, one of the UAE’s premium home concept stores, has launched a bespoke collection of affordable luxury. This concept combines form and function at their best by creating beautifully made pieces at prices suitable for its growing list of discerning clients.

Included in this collection is the En Vogue Design range. These are artisan crafted ready-made and made to order luxury furnishings that fit the clients’ space, design and budget. For customised pieces, clients are offered the chance to have a personal consultation with the design team to work on either existing pieces or develop their own design and make them bespoke. These will be manufactured locally using superior materials and with a European quality control standard. They can have different finishes and fabrics that are sourced both locally and internationally to achieve the perfect look. And since the production is done within the UAE, the lead time is shorter compared to any other leading supplier in the region. En Vogue Design presents an infinite number of ways to personalise one’s surroundings and get the exact look the clients’ desire with interiors specifically made according to their requirements.

Fusion of vintage classic European and modern contemporary Asian furnishings describes the other range called En Vogue. These are hand-picked pieces sourced from Europe and Asia, which reflect the season’s must have at prices within reach. This accessible luxury range is a refreshing alternative to high-end overpriced branded labels having the same standard and quality.

 Commenting on the bespoke collection, Rob Canning, General Manager of En Vogue said, “Luxury has drastically changed in the last few years. It has developed from being a statement to a reflection of one’s character.” He added, “Capitalising on my team’s expertise, the launch of this collection comes at a time when there is a need to produce creations that have character and are as beautiful as they are functional to address the rising demand of exclusivity yet affordable luxury in the world of interiors.”

 With the launch of this collection, En Vogue is now clearly more than just a retailer. Boasting a highly experienced team of designers, they can now design and build the pieces they supply, thus, offering stylish interiors similar to no one with a high level of craftsmanship.

This makes it easier for the clientele to achieve high quality home décor without costing a fortune, therefore fulfilling their ongoing commitment to provide an impeccable customer service.